DRACO GLOBAL SICAV invests in the best of two worlds, mega-cap companies known for all and micro-cap stocks gems with low or null analyst coverage.

We buy mega-cap stocks when they have a temporary problem that does not invalidate their long-term competitive advantage and small companies because are unknown to the investment community and trade cheap.

We search the world for the highest quality businesses at the lowest possible price, being indifferent to size. For us, “quality” means a scalable business model, the existence of long-term secular growth, attractive sector structure, presence of recurring revenue, high return on invested capital, and one or more competitive advantages. We estimate their sales and margins based on their key variables and not as percentages of consensus analysts estimates. To understand the business model, we are going to talk with its CEO and CFO in small size companies.

We believe that there is a unique opportunity to do our research in small companies, because aren’t investible by most large funds and hedge funds.

DRACO GLOBAL SICAV uses a tail risk strategy when there is a certain probability that the business cycle could enter a recession in the coming quarters.

Investment profile

Net Asset Value: Daily
Management fee: 1,5% annual
Performance fee: 10% annual + 5% Hurdle rate + High Water Mark.
Exit fee: None
Minimum initial investment: 1 share

Vehicle profile

Legal form: UCIT open-ended investment company
Asset Management: Gesiuris Asset Management SGIIC SA
Auditor: DELOITTE, S. L
Bloomberg code: S2239 SM
Currency: EUR
New portfolio management starts on 1st september 2020.

How can you invest?

The shares of DRACO GLOBAL SICAV trade in the MAB (Alternative Investment Market of Spain) with ISIN code of ES0166346033.
From your financial institution and with a securities account, you have to give the following reference indications:

ISIN code: ES0166346033
SIBE code: S2239
Buy/Sell at Net Asset Value, x shares of DRACO GLOBAL SICAV
*Decimals are not allowed for the number of shares to buy/sell.

See quotation at: